Return and Refund Policy

There is a very limited return and refund policy.

Neither the "Bibliography of Sources" nor the “Book Club Packet" is returnable or refundable.

We will not refund a book you have not purchased new and directly from If your book has been purchased through Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, iUniverse, or OnlineBookClub, you must go through their return policy.

Before shipping, each book is inspected for damaged, missing, additional, or scrambled pages. No refund will be given unless the book is defective from the publisher and the shipment packing is still intact.

Upon receiving the book, gently release the book from the sticky flap, trying not to tear the packaging that secures the book. If the book is defective from production errors by iUniverse, you will have 15 days from my mailing date to return the defective book, taped securely in its original packaging. You will receive a replacement or a refund only after the book has been returned and is in my possession. You will pay the shipping fee to return the book.

We will:

  1. Give you a replacement book with free shipping, or
  2. Refund the cost of the book less the original shipping cost. I will incur the shipping cost for shipping you a replacement book. However, You must return the book to receive a book replacement or a refund.

To return:

  • Email us at to indicate if you want either a replacement or a refund.
  • Place the book back in its original packing, tape it securely, and
  • Mail to:
    Mary E. Jaffe
    2265 Steamboat Loop East
    Port Orchard, WA 98366